Outcast Overview


Outcast and Fish Cat are made using the highest quality materials creating the most durable inflatable fishing boats and float tubes in the market.





URETHANE - Outcast VINYL - Fish Cat
  • Prowler
  • Fat Cat
  • Super Fat Cat
  • Approach
  • PAC 800
  • PAC 900
  • PAC 1000
  • PAC 1200
  • PAC 1300
  • PAC 1400
  • Stealth Pro
  • OSG Commander


  • Fish Cat 4
  • Fish Cat 4 Deluxe
  • Fish Cat Panther
  • Fish Cat Streamer
  • Fish Cat 9-IR
  • FIsh Cat 10-IR
  • Fish Cat 13
  • Fish Cat Scout








Rocker is as important to pontoon design as it is to ski design.  All of our Outcast and Fish Cat pontoons feature an improved rocker which means more performance on rivers and allows the boat to crawl over waves and rapids.  Our rocker design creates an continuous curve.  This design element eliminates all the seams on the bottom side of the pontoon where the boat takes the most abuse.



The IGSystem incorporates PVC sleeves with a movable base that accepts cargo pockets, rod holders, and anchors. 



Integrated Gear System demonstrated on the Outcast Stealth Pro